W.D. Little Mortgage Corp. was founded by William D. Little in 1983 to seize market opportunities offered by the advent of the secondary mortgage market.

Bill was the grandson of W.S.N. Neal who was one of Marietta's first entrepreneurs and financiers long before there were banks in Marietta.  Family records dating back to 1852 reflect this long history of financial service to neighbors.

W.S.N. Neal was also a very well known philanthropist and community leader helping to form and fund the first school for girls in Marietta in 1886,  establish public water and electrical service to the town,  lead the call for public education for all in 1892, and was the owner and publisher of Marietta Daily Journal from 1888 until 1932.

Following in the family footprint, Bill went into the banking and savings and loan business after graduating from the University of Georgia, and then grew W. D. Little Mortgage Corp. with the help of his wife,Doris W. Little and daughter, Meredith L. Williams and great niece, Mary Ansley Meaders Southerland.

Address & Driving Directions:
707 Whitlock Ave SW Suite A37, Marietta, GA 30064

Voice: 770.425.6267

Fax: 770.499.9683

Email: mansley@wdlittle.com or mlittle@wdlittle.com